CoinUp and Fortex Join Forces In A World First: Financial Digital Derivatives Trading Platform

CoinUp has reached in-depth cooperation with Fortex

CoinUp, top 100 encryption and derivatives exchanges in the world, has established in-depth cooperation with Fortex, a leading provider of multi-asset electronic trading technology. The cooperation aims to build the first innovative financial digital currency derivatives trading platform and bring a better electronic trading experience to crypto industry.

CoinUp ushered in a major innovation once again! CoinUp has reached in-depth cooperation with Fortex in many aspects and will adopt Fortex multi-asset electronic trading solution to build the crypto industry’s first innovative encrypted financial platform (“Encrypted Asset Trading+Traditional Financial Services”). CoinUp will launch better trading experiences, including a brand-new function suite, multi-market access, cross-variety liquidity aggregation, deeper trading depth, order execution, risk management, and many innovative products and derivatives of encrypted assets combined with traditional finance.

As of March 2022, the total trading pairs of CoinUp exceeded more than 100, and the average daily turnover of CoinUp exceeded 20 billion US dollars. In terms of industry, CoinUp adopts hotspots in real-time, bringing the most cutting-edge reports and analysis to encryption enthusiasts, setting up dedicated research groups for current hotspots in time, and providing professional docking channels for related enterprises and projects, which has helped many companies and projects around the world.

Fortex Technology, headquartered in Silicon Valley, Fortex taps the Valley’s culture of innovation, leading engineering talent, and technology advances to continue delivering industry firsts. Presently, traders, broker-dealers, liquidity providers, money managers, banks, hedge funds, and investors around the world rely on Fortex to accelerate trade execution and support sophisticated trading strategies.

Integration of crypto assets and traditional finance

The cooperation between CoinUp and Fortex is of great significance to both sides. Fortex’s XForce ecological trading system provides CoinUp with the true integration of blockchain and traditional finance, realizes the integration of products and markets, provides a neutral and free environment, helps the development of blockchain derivatives trading platform, and empowers digital currency.

After the system is fully opened, the barriers of multi-asset categories in traditional finance, including stocks, futures, commodities, exchange rates, and stock indexes, will be directly linked with encrypted assets! It provides quick access for friends who love traditional finance and are interested in encrypted assets, and it is also the best practical channel for encryption enthusiasts to enter traditional finance. CoinUp and Fortex’s “Encrypted Asset Trading+Traditional Financial Services” have achieved various innovations, creating a precedent for the integration of the encryption industry and traditional finance.

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