Yuanxi Creative Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd Aims To Integrate Buddhist faith With Interior Design

Beijing, China–(Newsfile Corp. – March 8, 2022) – Chinese interior designer Duan Yuan, whois a leading figure in the field of private house design in China, recently took her interior design and home improvement company, Yuanxi Creative Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Yuanxi Design) to the next level by launching their new customized design services for private houses.” It aims to infuse Buddhist faith into interior design. According to the founder, Duan Yuan, the pressure accumulated in the human body for dozens of months can be released at once, if the living spaces are designed while infusing certain elements of Buddhist belief system, such as Zen. She told that by walking into the interior of a building, people should get a low-key and calm feeling of oriental landscape. Whether it is the vast terrace with a river view on the top floor or the plant elements everywhere, a comfortable and pleasant Zen can do wonders for the inhabitants and the guests.

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of the high-end interior designing company founded by Duan Yuan in 2013, when she left Dongyirisheng Home Decorating Group Inc., where she had worked for more than ten years, to found her own company.

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According to Duan, in the past two decades, she not only focused on the design of interior space and created hundreds of super prime houses with unique styles, but also has offered suggestions for many real estate projects. Yuanxi Creative Design’s projects are spread in more than 20 cities in China as well as cities in Japan, Canada and Korea.

“Sanya Haitang Bay, Tianjin Binhai Forest Manor, is one of our featured projects. The space was designed in a simple, clean and non-redundant manner, and without deliberately catching people’s eyes. I still design myself. In my point of view, design is an art that came into being from the time immemorial. To create a quiet and spiritual space is to provide contemporary people with a place where their souls can be placed,” said Duan Yuan, the founder and chief designer of Yuanxi Creative Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Expo Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is a magnificent building with a history of 100 years is the latest masterpiece by “Yuanxi Design” Studio and Mr. Liang Jianguo, who is a famous designer too.

“Facing Huangpu River, close to Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center, and only one river away from the Bund which is a true portrayal of “Ten Miles of Foreign Market”. From the appearance point of view, it preserves the original archway-style facade and gentle cross inclined beam of the building, and continues the unique flavor of the old steel plant in the 1930s to the present,” Duan informed the press.

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Duan Yuan also took journalists on a tour of one of her key projects – “Donglin Guanhai · Hexing 1913”, which is in the prime location of Expo Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai.

From the appearance point of view, it preserves the original archway-style facade and gentle cross stairs of the building, and continues the unique flavor of the old steel plant in the 1930s to the present. The interior of the building is low-key and gives the calm feeling of oriental landscape.

Here, the harmony of life is mixed with the beauty of nature, which is the initial intention of Duan Yuan’s architectural design for many years. Strolling in the restaurant “Donglin Guanhai” and listening to the careful explanation of designer Duan Yuan, people from the press explored the model of “new and contemporary Chinese space.”

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The historic warehouse building has got 4 floors, 27 boxes and a total area of about 6,000 square meters.

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“Whether you shuttle through the red stairwell or stand on the terrace of the private room on the top floor, you can experience the artistic conception depicted in Cao Cao’s four-character ancient poems. The red symbolizing enthusiasm and unruly and the gray symbolizing absolute beauty make the whole building reach a delicate balance,” said Duan Yuan.


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“Looking into the distance, you can not only enjoy the scenery on the other side of Huangpu River without any shelter, but also catch up with the dusk of Lupu Bridge later.”

Photo from Yuanxi Creative Design
Photo from Yuanxi Creative Design
Photo from Yuanxi Creative Design

“The scenery that can be seen in different positions is also different, some facing the river, some facing the lush forest, and other facing the Mercedes Cultural Center not far away,” she told the press.

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“The use of plant elements in the restaurant is also just right. From moss and small trees with colored leaves in the courtyard to green plant devices on the dining table in the box, the beauty of nature is skillfully integrated into the design of every detail. The vegetation is prosperous and declining, and the flowers are blooming and falling. Just the time of enjoying a meal, you have witnessed a change of seasons,” she went on to add.

The restaurant, which perfectly integrates culinary art and space art, also has multiple functions such as conference, wine tasting and tea art. At the “Donglin Guanhai private room” and “Taizhou Hall” on the fourth floor, the “curtains” on the roof can open and close automatically.

According to Duan, the recently launched “Yuanxi Design” Studio will bring customers more amazing works. She firmly believes that if space is designed with faith, any space will eventually be full of love and happiness. Duan, who entered the home improvement design industry in 2001, was inducted into the list of “Top Ten Designers in China” for ten consecutive years and became the first female designer to go abroad and go abroad and share her wisdom overseas.

In her opinion, a good design, the beauty presented by Qi and the quality expressed by rhyme are all behind the designer’s own understanding and grasp of lifestyle.

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Duan began to study painting in junior high school, and chose interior design as her major direction in college. In 2004, she became the first batch of designers to go abroad in the domestic home improvement industry. In the 2000s, many people liked to call her “Goddess”, not only because her works were influential, but also because she always had unique insights and persistence in design.

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“Yuanxi Creative Design as a company never deliberately pursues personal style. Whether it is creating home space or designing public space, we always think from the perspective of our customers. If you give your heart to each other, so that everyone who enters the space can feel love and happiness, there will be no problem.”

According to Duan, the “Yuanxi Studio” will be fully committed to private house customization. Many of the projects of the studio are about designing and visualizing large spaces with thousands of square meters.

“The larger the space, the more difficult it is to achieve overall harmony. Materials, fabrics, furniture, security – all these should form a unity. This is because design itself is a hybrid system. But in addition to visual sense and experience, the most important thing in design is to let people living in space appreciate love and happiness. Space is not an end in itself, happiness is,” she added while speaking to the press here in Beijing.

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“In 2008, I came into contact with Buddhism, and had a different understanding of life. Now I feel that quietness is the right thing for the world. Everybody needs to return to a state of balance between yin and yang,” she went on to add.

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Duan even went to Japan to visit the garden built by her favorite Zen designer, Mr. Shunmyo Masuno, and founded the charity vegetarian restaurant “Wuzhi Yana”, which provides free meals for homeless people. The meeting opened her eyes and at her “Yuanxi Design” Studio, the initial intention of designing is to give love.

“The happiness of customers is our ultimate goal, and design is just a way to achieve it. No matter how the trend changes, our aim is to have good products and high-quality services. To achieve these two points, we will never be eliminated,” she quipped.

According to Duan, the recently opened design studio will focus on using the unique delicacy of women, perceiving life and nature, creating art in the clarity of meditation, and creating one resting place for the soul after another for the busy and tense modern people.


To know more about Duan Yuan and her design studio and to view more exciting content follow the WeChat official account below.

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