Community-Focused ET Aggregator BETA Version Launched to Build a Fast and Comprehensive Ecosystem

The BETA version of ET, an NFT aggregator that was developed with a vision to establish an ultimate NFT aggregator for NFT enthusiasts and NFT projects and to provide the simplest and best product experience and a series of services based on Web3.0 spirit, was officially launched recently. Launched on Ethereum first, will also cross-chain to BSC, Solana and other chains in the future. ET’s website is already live and accessible.

The overall NFT transaction and sales volume in the second quarter of 2022 increased by 533% and 59%, respectively, compared with the second quarter of 2021. However, high entry costs, dispersed liquidity and low transaction efficiency are hidden under the continuous high trading volume. For a long time, NFT aggregation platforms only accounted for less than 5% of the market share of NFT trading volume.

To overcome these challenges, ET aggregator filters out all interfering transaction information through a smooth UI and product functionalities. “Shopping cart” and “Sweeping mode” can help users buy NFTs more conveniently to save gas, which can be completed in just a few seconds. For NFT whales, using tools to seize opportunities in seconds, and fast execution is the first requirement.

ET’s primary objective was to build an aggregator that truly belongs to the community, which is accurate, fast, comprehensive, simple, and shares the benefits with the community which represents the spirit of Web3.

ET has built a deep optimization for gas fees in the smart contract. ET uses the green line style to make the entire product page thinner and lighter, focusing on core functions such as search, screening, bulk buying and selling. In addition to that, the shopping cart of ET can be checked by single or bulk, which is very convenient to add and delete single NFTs or from the entire collection. The search page of ET will display the collection of recent search visits, so that you can quickly find the NFTs you have browsed before.

ET is not only a tool, but also a comprehensive NFT ecosystem which is based on a series of solutions for NFT liquidity in the near future. In order to capture what the whole ecosystem is worth and further realize the web3 spirit of benefit sharing, ET team have a plan to provide long term incentive through tokenomics and NFT Pass. ET will also open all resources to all people and share the dividends of ecological growth with the community. In the future, ET will also introduce DAO governance.

According to the team’s plan, there will be airdrops. ET Pass is categorized into two batches – the first one consists of 1000 identical OG passes then 10000 PFP passes in the second batch. 3% of the total tokens will be airdropped to holders in these two batches of Pass. For early ET users, those who buy or sell NFTs through ET aggregator, report bugs or just gives any valuable feedback will be eligible to receive $ET airdrops. After the official launch, ET will have long term rewards for trading NFT, listing NFT and specific collections. ET has also designed tokenomics and a unique membership pass system right from the beginning.


ET Aggregator is a community-focused NFT aggregator.

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