HistoryDAO Presents Coaching Teams To Victory: A Dialogue With Football Legend Bora Milutinović

5-time World Cup national team coach reviews the field of the Beautiful Game.

 No coach in the history of the World Cup, which happens only every four years, has led a different national team past the qualifying rounds five consecutive times, each time leading those teams to their best performances to date. And he achieved those results with a highly assertive leadership style, sometimes controversially cutting players who were thought to be the best on their teams.

What’s the secret to such successful coaching? How did he make champions of five consecutive teams beyond the world’s expectations?  Coach Bora Milutinović will bring us closer to the answer from his current residence in Qatar, the country of the 2022 World Cup.

HistoryDAO will talk with the legendary coach during the World Cup 2022, and the conversation will focus on the history of football through the experience of “The Miracle Worker,” and survey the current field through his eyes as well.

We all have our favorite teams. Coach Bora Milutinović has his too! This interesting interview took place on December 13th and will be released on December 15th. Follow HistoryDAO’s twitter account and YouTube channel so you’ll be ready to find out what teams to pay attention to, and why, when the interview drops!

HistoryDAO will be running some fun specials related to the World Cup in addition, so stay tuned early and often!

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