V5 Foreign Exchange Officially Launched Worldwide

V5 Forex Global has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Gold-i, a global leader in trading technology

December 12, 2022 UK time — V5 Forex Global, a leading multi-asset prime broker and liquidity provider, has just announced a strategic partnership with Gold-i.

Over the years, V5 Forex Global has been growing and growing with growing user demand in all regions of the world — through a series of acquisition partnerships, constantly innovating, optimizing and upgrading the trading ecosystem, managing FX trading liquidity, risk management, and no delay trading experience. Provide more diversified professional customized services for institutional investors and retail investors to create shared and sustainable value for users

The goal of this partnership — to collaborate with Gold-i on analytics driven solutions for liquidity management, risk management, connectivity testing and user intelligence, V5 can be allocated to Matrix-Liquidity Aggregator client network liquidity and Tradingweb’s ultra-low latency intelligent routing solution, which will be conducive to aggregating the liquidity from multiple LP. Through simpler and more efficient system configuration, Saving time when selecting multiple pools, trade varieties or liquidity providers, processing customer orders in milliseconds, automatic failover and manual failover, minimizing slip points and downtime, helping users effectively reduce execution costs; It can also leverage its significant technical strengths in risk management and reporting systems to adapt its execution model and further increase profitability
With the collaboration, V5 has access to a range of Gold-i connection options such as Visual Edge, Risk DB, MAM Pro for MT4&MT5, Equinix LD4, NY4 and TY3 data centers.

Liquidity management and risk management, as the core competitiveness of foreign exchange brokers in the field of segmentation, liquidity providers give brokers the ability to buy and sell in the real market. The liquidity and depth of liquidity enable traders to smoothly trade small orders or even larger orders at prices that are almost the same as your expected prices without facing serious slip points
Risk Management
Through risk identification, risk measurement, risk control and other methods, to prevent, avoid, transfer or eliminate risks in foreign exchange business operations, so as to reduce or avoid possible economic losses, to maximize the return under certain conditions of risk or minimize the risk under certain conditions of return.

About Gold-i
Gold-i is a global market leader in trading technology and a pioneer of revolutionary and innovative proxy server solutions, specializing in bridging technology, multi-asset liquidity management and risk management business intelligence tools. All products are independently researched and developed, according to the needs of customers constantly innovate, add new features and products. The management team is always looking for breakthroughs and innovations

Jack Abraham, CEO of V5 Forex Global, said, “Gold-i’s depth and expertise in financial connectivity will help brokers greatly improve their user experience, especially in emerging markets, where attention will be paid. We welcome Gold-i as our partner and look forward to bringing more value to our customers with their rich professional experience

Tom Higgins, CEO and Founder of Gold-i, added: V5 Forex Global is a market leader in online trading and a leading global provider of multi-asset electronic trading solutions, dedicated to providing a neutral, multi-asset electronic trading platform and trading ecosystem for both institutional and general investors. They are known for their unique and innovative approach to trading technology and their unwavering commitment to helping their clients succeed. We are delighted to have them as our partners and we look forward to many more collaborations in the future.”

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