HUT Swap: Crypto Rising Star “Chain Business World” Ecological Developer

HUT Swap under Hutou Public Chain will be officially launched on July 2. HUT Swap is to create a decentralized application ecology through blockchain technology, with a number of landing application tokens, with a strong deflation mechanism, destruction mechanism, and a wide range of application scenarios landing ecology. Focus on the “chain business world” of Defi 2.0+Game Fi 2.0+NFT, and strive to become a leader in providing decentralized services in the blockchain field.

HUT Swap’s original multi-chain parallel underlying architecture will be suitable for currency exchange transactions, NFT transactions, decentralized contract leveraged transactions, OTC secured transactions, etc. In addition, HUT Swap’s DEFI 2.0 protocol controls liquidity, bid farewell to DEFI 1.0 who agrees to add liquidity and who will be harvested, bid farewell to the “digging, selling” dilemma that DEFI 1.0 cannot solve, and bid farewell to the ruthless harvest of tokens issued by the project party. mode. Brand-new rules, protocol control, DAO management, refusal of dog farm, refusal to harvest.

The eternal law interpreted by HUT Swap is not to build a perpetual motion machine that can make people work once and for all. On the contrary, it pays more attention to borrowing the laws of the world and the trends of the times through continuous changes and innovations. On the one hand, HUT Swap relies on the advanced business structure to provide system participants with the ability to continue to make profits. On the other hand, we rely on the powerful underlying technology of the blockchain to provide the best development environment for ecological co-builders.

HUT Swap has obtained the MSB (Money Services Business) license in the United States. It is a financial license supervised and issued by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Bureau, an agency under the U.S. Department of the Treasury). The main objects of supervision are money service-related businesses and companies. The scope includes international remittance, foreign exchange, currency transaction/transfer (including digital currency/virtual currency), ICO issuance, provision of prepaid items, issuance of traveler’s checks, etc. (Basically all big platforms hold MSB licenses such as Binance, Huobi)

FinCen official website:

Then enter the company registration number:


Hutou Public Chain has cooperated with Hongcheng Community, Lian Ying Capital, Killer Whale Commune, Chuang En Capital, Sanxing Club, Shanshui Community, Wuyue Community, Orient Capital, Biying Wealth, Gao Ling Quantitative, Nakamoto Family and other encrypted asset fields The first-line community capital has reached a high degree of consensus, and multiple parties have jointly created the global WEB 3.0 “chain business world” integration process.

The core logic of HUT Swap casting development is to lower the participation threshold and realize HUT Swap’s vision of “allowing everyone in the world to share wealth through the blockchain technology mechanism with lower thresholds”.

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