Marvel’s first chain game “avengersmeta” has announced the official launch of the main network

avengersmeta is an epic action-adventure game with single/multiplayer cooperative gameplay. Players can form their own fantasy Avengers lineup to fight against others, recruit new heroes, collect new skills, and in the game can mine, PK, 5v5, staking and trading to obtain various benefits. At the same time, players can use the materials earned in the game to upgrade, strengthen, refine, breed, and build equipment to make heroes stronger and more valuable, so that they can better fight in the adventure continent.
With its state-of-the-art ecosystem, avengersmeta is paving the way to become the most immersive game in the blockchain space.

Players have the opportunity to participate in multiple pre-sale events that will offer new, never-before-seen premium apparel limited to 5,000 NFTs, available from the Marketplace and the game’s website.
Pre-sale participants have the opportunity to win Mystery Boxes through multiple Mystery Box giveaways, and Early Access Airdrops will offer eligible players the chance to win Deluxe Mystery Boxes and Premium Mystery Boxes.

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