In-depth understanding Discrete cipher block

In-depth understanding Discrete cipher block

Blockchain is a public accounting mechanism (technical solution), it is not a specific product. The basic idea is: by establishing a set of public ledgers on the Internet, all users in the network jointly record and verify the accounts on the ledgers to ensure the authenticity and immutability of information. Blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, trustlessness, scalability, anonymity, security and reliability.

DCB Decentralization Since the blockchain relies on each node to jointly maintain the system and ensure the authenticity of information transmission, it is based on distributed storage data, and there is no centralized management by a certain center, so the attack and tampering of a certain node will not affect the entire network. healthy functioning.
DCB De-trust The establishment of a connection between any two nodes does not need to trust each other’s identities, and the data exchange between the two parties does not require the basis of mutual trust. Since all nodes in the network can play the role of supervisor’, there is no need to worry about fraud.DCB Scalable Blockchain is an underlying open source technology, on which various expansion and decentralization and trustless applications can be realized.DCB Anonymization The two parties of the data exchange can be anonymous, and the nodes in the network can exchange data without knowing each other’s identity and personal information.

Safe and reliable Since the activities between any nodes are supervised by the entire network, and the database adopts distributed storage, for hackers, firstly, they cannot disguise and conduct fraudulent activities, and secondly, they cannot control the network by simply conquering a certain node.

Good to know: a good vision statement shows the long-term goals of the company without getting too deep into strategy, implementation, or product specifics.

Blockchain technology is to use the block chain data structure to verify and store data, use distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, use cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission and access, and use the intelligence composed of automated script codes. A new distributed infrastructure and computing paradigm that uses contracts to program and manipulate data. The birth of the blockchain marks the beginning of human beings to build a trustworthy Internet. The attractiveness of blockchain is that it can establish reliable trust between peers in the network, so that the value transfer process removes the interference of intermediaries, which is open and transparent, protects privacy, and protects individual rights and interests through joint decision-making. It increases the efficiency of value exchange and reduces costs. Today, more decentralized solutions are emerging, which may lose operability, privacy, and standards with other systems, but they are all feasible. Discrete cipher block is built on the premise that low-cost direct payments between content creators and users will revolutionize internet commerce.

tip: a good mission statement tells people why you exist and what your impact on the world can be.

The block71 team is optimistic about what projects can build in the Web3 space, so we place great emphasis on engaging users in every aspect of the DCB DAPP. We’re moving towards a decentralized model where the community owns the game through a DAO mechanism, but until then we rely on some traditional web technologies to help with voting, source code, art and other contributions. Building a community-driven game requires more effort than a traditional game, but we believe this is exactly what the crypto space needs. Of course, there will be challenges going in this direction, but we believe it will help the game in the long run. We have a big vision that will take 2-3 months and a talented team to realize. This obviously requires a lot of money. We will initially conduct a large number of initial IDOs through the Discrete cipher block DAPP. But late, late our revenue model is not based on the massive investment most projects make through the sale of NFT+ tokens. Instead, we only make money based on small fees and taxes when people play games/use DAPPs.

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