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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out now, and if you’re like us, you’re ready to play the newest and biggest franchise showcase in Call of Duty history. Whether you participated in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer beta, or  are jumping into the game for the very first time, there is always room for improvement. To celebrate the launch of Modern Warfare 2, Activision has sent over some top tips that anyone – from a recruit to a veteran – can learn from.

Play the Campaign and Special Ops

While we know you want to jump straight into the Multiplayer, there is a lot to be learned from its Campaign and Special Ops modes.

Exploring these modes could give you a bit more practice with the game’s basic mechanics against A.I. opponents, whose difficulty can be adjusted to offer a challenge for any skill level.

Master the Options Menu

Default settings are a great starting point for any newcomer or veteran, yet it’s not the be-all-and-end-all for how the game should be played.

Whether it’s trying out new sensitivity settings and button layouts or fine-tuning visual options to your comfort level, the biggest step towards improving your game could be the changes you make before dropping into battle.

Play with Friends And If there is an objective, Play Around It

As the tagline suggests, the ultimate weapon is team. When playing game modes, you’re more likely to get into engagements and win games by focusing on the objective at hand.

Plus, the potential XP gained for hitting objectives and the multiple challenges revolving around winning games, make it worth considering playing the objective.

Experiment with your loadouts

The launch period is the perfect time to experiment. Everyone is experimenting, finding out what works for them, what’s powerful, what they don’t like etc.

Not only is levelling up lots of different weapons an excellent way to boost your XP, it will also help you improve a lot faster.

Find Your Sensitivity

Once you’ve nailed the essentials of movement in Campaign , it’s time to jump into a Multiplayer experience. Before we move into specifics, we want to mention one crucial thing – our sensitivity.

The perfect sensitivity is the difference between going 25-0 and a 0.1 kill/death ratio. And it’s different for each person.

If it’s too high and you can’t shoot, you’ll always be watching the kill-cam. If it’s too low, people will always mean you’ll be burnt toast.

Play a few games, and after a session, increase your sensitivity by one and see how you get on. Do this each time until it gets too fast. And never compare your sensitivity to others.

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