NBA 2K22 server status: 2K servers down during release date | Gaming | Entertainment

NBA 2K22 servers are down for those trying to connect to the game on its official release date.

It should be noted that 2K has confirmed that the game is not available in all regions yet, although most affected users appear to be based in North America.

Thousands of reports are coming in regarding connection issues with 2K servers, and the latest news being shared by the support team reads:

“Not all features will be available until #NBA2K22 is released in your location. If the game has officially released in your location and you’re still having issues, please open a ticket with us.”

Like with all big video game launches, there is a good chance that things will be a little wobbly while NBA 2K22 rolls out globally on servers.

One affected pre-order customer writes: “It’s really not working, but I’m the website it says that the servers are fine.”

It’s unclear how long NBA 2K servers could be affected and how it might hit other versions of the game, including NBA 2K21.

At the moment, the number of gamers affected remains relatively low, meaning this outage could last a very short period.


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