New milestone for SAMAN — ecological cooperation with HKD.COM

October 21, 2021 is a glorious day for SAMAN, which is also the starting point of SAMAN’s new journey. On that day, SAMAN was officially listed on HKD.COM, with the highest intraday increase of 84.62% and weekly increase of 95.12%.

Rome was not built in a day, and the history of SAMAN’s expansion is a long journey. Let’s take a look at SAMAN’s journey over the past year. The white paper was officially released in November 2020, the official website was officially released in December 2020, and the mining application V1 was launched. When the preparatory work is completed, SAMAN has been preparing the 2021 Q1 plan. In Q1 2021, it has achieved a good result, including the ipo of the secondary market, the ecological cooperation with TRX, the mapping of SAMAN (TRC20) token and the launch of cross-chain flash V1.0. Release the SAMANSWAP and SAMANPOOL design draft. On the technical side, Githuub open source address was released and SAMANCHAIN Alpha V1 was developed intensively. In March of the same year, the pledge for mining exceeded 100 million Samans, which is the miners’ affirmation of SAMAN and the testimony of SAMAN’s expanding ecology.

In Q2 and April of 2021, SAMAN held three community activities and an AMA, successfully launched SAMANCHAIN Alpha V1 and SAMANSCAN V1, and 100 kols jointly launched a call to congratulate SAMANCHAIN V1. With the launch of SAMANSCAN, SAMAN has its own blockchain browser and SAMAN TPS reaches 2600. In terms of ecological cooperation, SAMAN intends to develop its first game DAPP with YGGDRASIL, and has entered into strategic cooperation with JIULIAN WORLD. SAMAN has more than 100,000 miners and 150 million ore pledges worldwide. In terms of community, Saman Global Group was established and Telegram Global Group airdrop was carried out.

In the third quarter of 2021, SAMAN held six events, including a short video call for contributions from fans around the world and a selection of videos submitted by fans overseas. In terms of technology, SAMANCHAIN Alpha V2 was intensively developed, and V2 APP, Android and IOS mining management application, was intensively developed. Mining pledges exceed 200 million Samans.

In the first three quarters of 2021, No matter technology development, community activities, ecological sector development, strategic cooperation or community expansion, SAMAN is steadily building a Roman Empire belonging to the entire SAMAN community. In the last quarter of 2021, SAMAN successfully reached a new milestone by officially announcing its ecological partnership with HKD.COM, a well-known exchange in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange (HKD.COM) is a world-class digital asset trading platform based in Hong Kong and facing the world. It has a financial network of POS terminal +ATM terminal +EHKD lending. It is also the most advertised exchange in Hong Kong. HKD.COM is committed to the physical and popularization of digital currency. Apart from the online digital currency trading platform with strict security, HKD.COM has also set up a physical digital currency trading store with an area of nearly 10,000 feet in the core commercial areas of Hong Kong, making it one of the largest digital asset exchanges in Hong Kong. As a golden sponsor of Fintechweek, Hong Kong’s largest offline fintech fair, HKD.COM is a force to be reckoned with.

 HKD.COM has also made some achievements in NFT. It cooperated with The King’s fury, directed by Chan Mok Seng, which grossed more than 1.3 billion yuan in the mainland and HK $25 million in Hong Kong. HKD.COM made the concept film Burning Man into a Hong Kong film NFT and auctioned it on HKD.COM. The auction price exceeded HK $210,000, and all the proceeds will be donated to the Charity Fund of Yuk Heritage Hospital. SAMAN will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with HKD.COM in the NFT sector. Based on HKD.COM’s advanced NFT technology experience and successful auction cases, the development of SAMAN NFT sector will be accelerated. 

In addition, HKD.COM also has great experience in the lending and financing sector. SAMAN will also carry out in-depth cooperation with HKD.COM in the lending and financing sector. HKD.COM has strong financial strength, brand influence, NFT sector and financial sector. We believe that under the deep cooperation with HKD.COM, SAMAN’s new milestone journey will be faster and more stable.

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