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Even with a sequel on the horizon, PUBG Mobile remains one of the most popular pocket-sized Battle Royale experiences.

And to make sure everyone sticks around, Tencent has confirmed a new fan-centric patch is being released.

Expected to be PUBG Mobile 1.6, the new update has been given a release date scheduled for this week.

We don’t know exactly which day it will drop, but we have been told what will be included.

Tencent says they have been listening to fan feedback and have built the new version of the game around what they have read.

From what has been shared so far, the new PUBG Mobile update will be available to download very soon and include some extra Classic Crate Coupons.

The amount will vary depending on the size of the patch, with Tencent confirming to gamers this week:

“Since version 1.5, we have received a lot of feedback regarding all aspects of the game. We are very thankful for everyone’s support and have been prudently listening to your suggestions. There will be a new patch this week that addresses the following issues, and more:

“Tapping to use the Royale Pass M2 Upgrade Card in the inventory would display the wrong season information, but function normally in the Royale Pass.

Tapping the punch button would occasionally be unresponsive. The Light Machine Gun settings are missing in Miramar and Sanhok.

“As compensation for any inconvenience caused, we have decided to give players on all servers who have completed the patch update a certain amount of Classic Crate Coupons depending on the size of the patch.

“Be sure to check for it after you finish the patch update! (Please understand that some regions may update more slowly).

“Once again, thank you for everyone’s support. Please continue to provide us with any feedback and suggestions you might have.”

As mentioned above there could be a number of changes that have not made it into these preview patch notes, with further tweaks expected to be confirmed in the final version of PUBG 1.6.

Tencent has also teased that several fan-favourite game modes are being brought back as part of the new update.

The voting has already been conducted by gamers, meaning that the full results will be revealed during the rollout of update 1.6.

“PUBG MOBILE update 1.6 is quickly approaching and with it means new content, two new Royale passes and more that I can’t quite mention yet,” Tencent told fans this week.

“But with all of the craziness happening around the globe this year it seems like 2021 has just flown by us all. So what better time than now to take a minute and reflect on the past. We want everyone to think back on their favourite modes throughout PUBG MOBILE history and tell us which one was your favourite, and why it’s important to you.”

The listed game modes include:


Metro royale

Runic power

Payload 2

Survive till dawn

Infection mode

Titans last stand

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